A Dog Owner’s Guide to Independence Day Celebrations

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, a day that brings forth a new hope to make our
tomorrows beautiful and cherished. The 4th of July is a chance to salute and pay homage to
the people whose sacrifices have made our freedom possible.

Whilst we celebrate the blessings of freedom and independence, we must not neglect the
fact that our pets do not understand the reason for celebrations.

Us humans expect fireworks, parades, and loud noises on this special day, but our pets don’t
always understand. The typical noises of this holiday are often terrifying for animals and they
can evoke major anxiety among dogs in particular.

Here our guide to celebrating Independence Day whilst ensuring your pet is as calm and
safe as possible.

You will need:

Identification tags for your pets

A TV, Radio, fan or washing machine

Calming Aid chews or Hemp Oil

A comfy pet bed

Some cozy blankets

Some tasty treats

Your pet’s favorite toys


A safe, special Independence Day is all about knowing what to expect, so you can plan and
prepare ahead of time. Do your best to find out if your neighbors are having a fireworks
display, and if so, when are they planning to? Is there going to be a party or parade nearby?
Its also smarts to find out if the celebrations are carrying on the night after the fourth too.


Now you are aware of when the noise will start, exercise your dog! Weather permitting, we
recommend taking your dog on a long walk or having a good play session, during the day,
before any celebrations. It’ll help reduce pent-up energy and if they are tired from an exciting
day, they are more likely to remain calm during the evening. They might even sleep through
the celebrations! Use this time to reflect on the privilege of pet ownership and what
independence truly means to you!

Escape proof you’re home

Every year while humans are celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, many pets
become stressed and scared and some even run away or harm themselves. July 5th is one
of the busiest days of the year for animal shelters, as pets run away from home in fear and
are found lost and confused the next day.

To avoid this, be sure to escape-proof your home, by closing all windows and external doors
and reminding any guests to monitor all exits.

Create a comfort Den

Create a quiet and calm area for your pet, inside the house, away from any exits. They can
safely stay there throughout the evening or retreat to it if the festivities become too
overwhelming. A bedroom is a great safe space, as bedrooms typically have plenty of soft
objects that absorb sounds, dulling the commotion of any fireworks and parades. But any
areas of your home that tend to be more sound-proof than others are a good option. Close
the windows and curtains in your den, to ensure you have shut out the outside world for the

Equip your den with soft cozy blankets, favorite toys, and tasty chews. This can be a great
distraction from the festivities and by providing this to your dog, it will further reinforce that
fireworks can equal fun!

Turn on the TV or Radio

After you have created a safe space for your pet, it is time to prepare to drown out the
the commotion outside, as the typical noises made by partyers, can be unsettling for your pet.

A canines’ sense of hearing is multiple times sharper than that of humans, so even if some
fireworks seem distant, they can still elicit stress on your dog.

Your TV or stereo can be dog's best friends during loud noises and firework explosions, so
play a gentle film or some soothing music for your pet to hear. Another way to calmly drown
out the noise is to turn on a loud fan or throw on some laundry. This will provide some white
noise that will also help to lessen the sounds outside. Audiobooks are a great option also.

Calming Aids 

With all of the celebrations happening, there’s no surprise if our dogs may act slightly
excitable, anxious or nervy. After all, the combination of visitors, decorations, noise,
parades, fireworks and food can even overwhelm us humans!

However, you can safely calm your dog with PET CARE Sciences Calming Aid. These bite-sized chews are bursting with naturally calming ingredients, including Chamomile Flower,
Passion Flower and Ginger Root. Providing your dog with our quality formula will promote a
sense of calm and clarity.

In a mouth-watering turkey flavor, we guarantee your dog won’t be able to resist! Our
Calming Aid chews can be easily given as a treat or crumbled into your pet’s meal. If you
can, we recommend administrating a chew to your dog about half an hour before the
celebrations begin.

If your dog’s not into chews, or if you have a nervous cat, we highly recommend our Hemp
Oil for Dogs & Cats. Our house blend is specially formulated with Pure Hemp Seed Oil and
Pure Coconut Oil, to guarantee your pet feels calm and cool. This awesome product gives
you the power to ease your pet’s nerves in the most subtle way- the convenient dropper
bottle makes it easy to drop Hemp Oil directly into your pet’s mouth or in their water/food.

Our potent Hemp Oil is formulated at 600mg strength, the ideal amount for dogs and cats.
Did you know that any more than 600mg may not be beneficial to a small to medium-sized
cat or dog? Larger doses are simply not necessary!

Other pet precautions for July 4th

Ensure your dog goes to the toilet before the celebrations begin, as most fearful dogs will
not want to go outside once the noise starts.

Ensure your pet is wearing their identification tabs. Remember, the sooner the pet can be
located, the better the chance of reunification with its owner.

Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended where pets can reach them. When ingested,
alcohol can poison pets or even cause fatal respiratory failure.

Keep dangerous items such as matches, lighter fluid, glow sticks, citronella candles
and oil products out of your pet’s reach.

If at any time your dog seems overly stressed, going into to shock, etc., take them to
the nearest emergency vet.

Have an awesome Independence Day!