Perfect Presents And Savvy Stocking Fillers For Your Dog

This Christmas show your dog how much you love them. No matter what their personality may be… 

The social dog 

Your dog is outgoing and friendly. His favourite part of Christmas is amongst all the guests, where there is plenty of attention and belly rubs. He can be a bit of a poser and doesn’t mind being in the limelight either!

Shampoo Your dog deserves only the best star treatment. Pamper your pooch with PET CARE Sciences 5-in-1 shampoo. It cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles and moisturises! The high-quality and naturally derived formula will leave your dog smelling great with their coat in a wonderful condition. PET CARE Sciences also offers a gentle Puppy Shampoo, so that puppies over 12 weeks look and feel their very best for Christmas too.

A Christmas collar Get your dog involved in the festivities with a cute Christmas collar! There are plenty of jazzy Christmas collars on the market. Just ensure that your dog is comfortable wearing it. Their fashion statement is sure to win over Christmas guests!

The Homebody

Your gentle and affectionate dog is in his element in the cosiness of Christmas. He loves to snuggle up by the fire and enjoys his family’s company. Napping is a very high priority! He likes a back rub and the occasional treat too!

Calming Aid A house full of music, decorations, food and guests can be overwhelming for your dog. It can make him feel a little unsafe and anxious. You can safely calm him with PET CARE Sciences Calming Aid. Providing your dog with this quality formula will help him remain calm and relaxed, improving his behaviour in stressful situations. The Calming Aid is also a delicious turkey flavour! Perfect for Christmas!

A new bed Has your dog’s bed seen better days? All of their naps over the years have worn their bed out! He is sure to appreciate a brand-new comfy one! Your pet can also retreat to it if the Christmas celebrations become a bit too much.

We all have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to catch our zzz’s. There are beds available to every kind of dog. Take your dog’s preferences into consideration. Does he like to curl up in a snuggly bed or does he enjoy a stretched-out snooze? Does he have some aches and pains? A memory foam bed may help him get comfy.

Pet beds are better when they are sufficiently padded and are made from a comfortable material. If your dog is fan of mud and dirt, it is good idea to get an easily washable bed too!

Don’t buy your dog a bed just because it matches the furniture or incorporates into the interior colour theme. It needs to be a comfy, safe place for your pet.

The Independent Pooch

By nature, your dog is rather independent. He is perfectly happy being in or away from the Christmas crowd. He likes to be given space, to allow him to decide what he wants. He can appear very stubborn and standoffish but is a great big softy inside! He instantly turns into a teddy bear when treats are thrown into the equation!

Treats Win him over with some good quality, Christmas dog treats. Ensure that they are made by well-known brands. This way, you can relax knowing that the ingredients are safe for your dog to eat or chew on.

As much as he may try to convince you, avoid giving him too many treats. We all over indulge on the sweet treats at Christmas but try not to feed your dog too many snacks, it may make him sick. Overfeeding a dog can also lead to an abundance of health problems including obesity and diabetes. Be sure to keep human foods out of reach (especially chocolate), in case your dog fancies helping himself!

Toys Treat your dog to some new toys! He will have great fun playing with them either by himself or with the family! Go for good quality, durable toys that can withstand lots of chewing, throwing and burying! Toys that are made of sturdy rubber and knotted rope are ideal. There are plenty of great quality, safe Christmas themed dog toys on the market too.

Good Luck and Happy Christmas from PET CARE Sciences!