Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm During Halloween

Halloween can be even scarier from a pet’s perspective. Decorations, costumes, fireworks, noise, knocks and surprises can be very overwhelming.

Turn on the TV or Radio.
 Drown out the commotion outside by playing a calm film or some gentle music for your dog. The laughing, shouting and knocking noises made by Trick or Treaters can be unsettling for your pet.

Don’t force your dog into a costume. Some dogs are comfortable in a dog-friendly costume. However, to many dogs, it can add to the stress of an already, overwhelming night. If there is even the smallest sign of discomfort, don’t make them wear it.

Allow a safe space. Create a quiet and calm area for your dog, inside the house, away from the door. They can safely stay there throughout the evening or retreat to it if the festivities become too much.

Treat your dog to a new toy. This can show your dog that Halloween doesn’t have to be so scary. Their new toy can also be a nice distraction from the spooky celebrations.

Give your dog plenty of exercise and attention during the day. If they are tired from an exciting day, they are more likely to remain calm during the evening. They might even sleep through it! Your dog is less likely to see any scary monsters during the day too.