Ways To Treat Your Dog During Thanksgiving

Give them a nice bath 
We all make an effort to look our very best for our families on Thanksgiving. Why not go one step further this year and treat your dog to a nice bath? With PET CARE Sciences 5-in-1 shampoo, we can guarantee that your dog will look and smell their very best. It cleans, conditions, deodorises, detangles and moisturises, leaving your dog with a fresh and clean coat! They are bound to be the centre of attention this Thanksgiving!

Are you celebrating Thanks Giving with a puppy? PET CARE Sciences Puppy Shampoo will gently transform your mucky pup into a soft and fresh one!

Although, how long they stay clean is, well, up to them.

Avoid feeding them your meal 
We understand that those cute puppy eyes can tempting, but it is important to not feed your dog parts of your Thanksgiving feast. Remind guests and children not to offer table scraps to the family dog. Avoid giving them:

  • Turkey Skin
  • Cooked Bones
  • Gravy or Buttery Side Dishes
  • Chocolate

These foods are fatty, hard to digest, and chocolate can be toxic.

Keep them calm and happy 
With all of the celebrations happening, there’s no surprise if our dogs may act slightly excitable, anxious or nervy. After all, the combination of visitors, decorations, noise, parades, fireworks and food can even overwhelm us humans!

However, you can safely calm your dog with PET CARE Sciences Calming Aid. Providing your dog with this quality formula will help them remain calm and relaxed, improving their behaviour in stressful Thanks Giving situations. They are also a delicious turkey flavour! Perfect for Thanks Giving!

We highly recommend taking your dog on a long walk before the Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll help reduce pent-up energy and your dog is much more likely to be calm during the family feast. A dog walk is also a nice opportunity to embrace the fall season and a way to get your family in the Thanks Giving mood.

Show your gratitude 
Show gratitude to your dog by giving them plenty of attention. You could even treat them to a new toy. This is also a great distraction from all of the festivities.