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Here's Why Dry Shampoo Will Benefit Your Dog
  1. Is your dog’s coat is looking a little limp? But you’re not feeling the idea of having to wash your pet again? Reach for new PET CARE Sciences Waterless Foaming Dry Shampoo!

    Requiring minimal effort, this effective and convenient product meets every dog owner’s needs. This time-saving treat is ideal for dogs on the go, pups who are less keen on baths and for those looking to instantly give their pet’s fur a new lease of life -without having to put a paw in the bath!

    Our dry dog shampoo features a foam dispenser, which gives you the satisfaction of a fresh, sudsy shampoo feeling without ever having to get your dog wet! Easy to apply, this quick-drying foam sends a light puff of waterless shampoo directly onto the coat.

    The mousse-like formula gently bubbles its way deep into coats, absorbing excess oils and busting through dirt build-up. It feels undetectable on the fur, leaving no white, greasy, or sticky residue, even on the darkest of coats! The product also allows you to apply the product with your fingers, making it easy to target the areas of your dog that may require more attention.

    PET CARE Sciences Waterless Foaming Dry Shampoo is safe for use with all breeds and is perfectly pH balanced for your dog’s sensitive skin. It also contains glycerine, an ingredient to quench your pup’s delicate skin and to leave their coat easier to manage.

    And, thanks to our signature blend of bamboo and mint, your dog will be left with the most fresh and airy aroma!

    Why use PET CARE Sciences Waterless Foaming Dry Shampoo?


    It’s a great way to freshen up your dog between baths or trips to the salon.

    It’s an added eco bonus! It allows you to wash your dog less often, which equals less time spent in the bath and means you can save money on water bills.

    It’s a quick, easy and fuss-free application, perfect for dogs on the go.

    It’s a great way to freshen up your dog between baths or trips to the salon.

    If your dog suffers from allergies, dry skin, or any other irritation, a waterless product is a great gentle alternative to frequent bathing.

    It’s perfect for those times when getting your pet wet just isn’t an option. This includes some dogs who are elderly, injured, who suffer from arthritis or physical ailments.

    It’s a frequent-bathing alternative for pets who are extremely anxious or fearful of water.

    Should you skip the suds?


    Despite the name, PET CARE Sciences Waterless Foaming Dry Shampoo isn't a true substitute for lathering up. Whilst this product is the ultimate refresher, you should always bear in mind that it should only be used for quick cleansing and not as a complete substitute for traditional washing with a clarifying shampoo. A dog’s skin needs the benefits of a shampoo cleansing to rid them of excess dirt and oil.

    While you’ll still need to give your dog an occasional bath, PET CARE Sciences Waterless Foaming Dry Shampoo will help you stretch out the time between them while keeping your dog relatively clean and smelling fresh.

    We recommend that you alternate between using our revitalizing dry shampoo and giving your pet a thorough bath with one of our gentle shampoos.

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