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No Sulphates

Jan 28, 2021
No Sulphates

PET CARE Sciences shampoos have astounding qualities. Both PET CARE Sciences 5-in-1 and Puppy shampoos are loved by thousands!

The shampoos clean, condition, detangle, deodorize and moisturize! They also contain no artificial fragrances, but thanks to the soothing coconut oil, they will leave your dog with a subtle yet gorgeous tropical coconut scent. But it gets better. PET CARE Sciences Shampoos are proudly sulphate-free.

What are sulphates?

Sulphates are a form of a polyatomic anion, which enable two or more immiscible liquids (liquids that don’t mix such as oil & water) to emulsify. Products containing sulphates including shampoos, face and body washes and house cleaning products produce a bubbly lather that leaves us with a squeaky-clean feeling. In other words, sulphates are cleansing agents.

PET CARE Sciences shampoos gently and effectively cleanse your dog without any lather-inducing detergents, known as sodium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate and ammonium lauryl sulphate (SLS, SLES and ALS).

As a result of this, you may notice a lesser lather. Rest assured that this makes no difference to the cleaning action of the awesome shampoo. If you (or your dog) are a fan of bubbles, simply add more water on top of the shampoo to encourage a lather.

Why sulphate-free?

The popular use of sulphates provokes questions about sustainability. The compounds found in sulphates are produced from petroleum, which is a fossil fuel, a finite resource. Meaning it is more environmentally friendly to not use sulphates in our products. Sulphate products that get washed down the drain may also be toxic to aquatic animals.

Sulphates can have an impact on our dog’s skin and fur too. Sulphate shampoos strip the natural lipids off the skin breaking its natural water barrier. This exposes the underlying layers of skin to disease, causing bacteria that otherwise wouldn’t be able to get there. Also, chemicals from the shampoo or other products can then penetrate the top layers of your dog’s skin, potentially causing irritation and inflammation.

Sulphates not only strip fur of its natural lipids, they also wash away the natural anti-microbial peptides, proteins, and water-proofing oils. Without these health-preserving substances, a dog’s fur and skin is stripped of vital moisture, leaving it exposed to harmful microbes, allergens and environmental pollution and is vulnerable to damage, infection and illness.

PET CARE Sciences Shampoos are ideal for those who prefer to take care of their dogs the safer, more natural way, whilst doing the world a huge favour. Have you got yours yet?

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