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Paw Protection with Paw Wax

May 18, 2020 0 comments
Paw Protection with Paw Wax


Introducing Paw Wax

Introducing PET CARE Sciences® Paw Wax! Our gentle and natural wax acts as a protective, preventative and healing balm. Paw Wax is specially formulated with coco butter and shea butter to nourish and sooth your pet’s paw pads and nose.

Ideal for your dog, puppy or cat, Paw Wax is made with your pet’s health as our main concern.

Paw Wax ensures your dog remains comfortable by restoring and maintaining supple, soft and hydrated skin. The balm will also provide relief and prevention from dry, chapped, cracked, damaged, itchy, crusty, bleeding and flaky skin. And you can protect your pet’s skin from harsh weather conditions such as heat, snow and ice too!

Paw Wax comes in a handy, small and durable tin. Its ‘pocket size’ design, allows you to provide your pet with protection on the go, wherever you are and whatever the weather.

All Season Paw Protection

Whilst natural and gentle, the balm will protect your pet during all four seasons.

Did you know that paw burns are very common in the US, during high summer temperatures? Dog and cat paws can be just as sensitive as human feet, meaning they’re equally as likely to get burnt walking on hot surfaces.

Materials in the likes of metal, sand, asphalt and wood absorb heat from the sun and many pet owners are not aware that these can stay hot for hours – even after sunset! 

In addition to hot surfaces, cold conditions can prove to be just as harmful to your dog. Colder seasons usually result in the ground becoming compacted and harder to walk on. When the ground is frozen solid, it creates more of an impact on your dog’s paws, as well as their bones and joints. However, there’s no reason why with PET CARE Sciences® Paw Wax your dog shouldn’t enjoy those crisp, cold morning walks as much as you do!

Paw Wax can also help protect your pet’s sensitive paws from potentially toxic de-icers and gritting products. These substances, cause irritation and sensitivities to the paws.

The grit used on sidewalks to melt the snow is also very toxic to dogs, if they walk on the treated ground, it can burn the skin on their paws.


We have created the Paw Wax to be easy and quick to apply. Simply spread a thin coating of the wax directly to the paw pads. Alternatively, you can press your dog’s paw into the wax, as often as required. Paw Wax can be applied daily for perfect paw maintenance. To protect your dog’s snout, gently rub the wax on their nose, avoiding the nostrils.

The product has a gentle vanilla scent your dog will love. Paw Wax is proudly made in the USA, is manufactured to the best exacting US standards in regulated premises and undertakes full testing. PET CARE Sciences® products are designed to assist in safely maintaining the health of your precious pets – we stake our reputation on it.

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