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Rescue Or Pedigree

Feb 03, 2021
Rescue Or Pedigree

Here are some things to take into account when deciding on what dog is best for you – a rescue dog or pedigree dog.


Most breeds have dedicated rescue centers and there are many rescue centers for mongrels and cross-breeds.

Human Circumstance Don’t assume a dog is in rescue because its badly behaved or not wanted. Quite often, dogs end up in rescue because of a relinquishment from their previous home. In many cases, this occurs with changes in human circumstance, not the dog. Divorce, birth of a baby, arrival of a second baby, redundancy, emigration etc can all be a reason as to why a dog is in rescue.

Fostering Reputable rescues will usually place a dog in a foster home first to assess its suitability and character and will work hard to get the best possible match. You can foster a dog to see if it works for you both.

Personality The good thing about adult rescue dogs, is that you know their personality already. You can’t always guarantee what a puppy will grow to be like!

Visiting a rescue This allows you to measure up the different shapes and sizes of dogs, and their temperaments. Staff are there to advise you also.

A project worth having Given their past, rescue dogs may be nervous and anxious about having a new owner. It may take some time and patience for them to adjust to their new life, but we promise - it’s worth it! When they come out of their shell, they are great companions. If your rescue dog is nervous and anxious, try PET CARE Sciences Calming Aid. Providing your dog with this quality formula will safely help them remain calm and relaxed, improving their behavior in stressful situations, such as being in a new environment.

Rewarding Rescuing a dog and giving them new life is very rewarding and a very worthwhile and altruistic thing to do.


Even with all the tests and most responsible breeding, you may not get a 100% pedigree puppy - as much of their personality comes from how they are nurtured in those first 6-12 months or so as it does from genetics. Well-bred pedigree pups can misbehave as much as a very mixed mongrel pup.

You watch them grow Having a dog from very young and bringing them up is a rewarding and exciting experience.

Puppies play by chasing, biting and making a mess! It can take months to train them out of that. Thanks to PET CARE Sciences Puppy Shampoo, you can keep your pet looking and smelling fresh!

The cost of a pedigree pet can be prohibitive for many people.

Predictable when buying a pedigree pup, you are aware of how big your puppy will grow and which type of care it will mainly need. You know the dog’s abilities, if it will develop agility, speed, or whether the dog is meant for hunting, search and rescue, work in police, cattle guarding, or it is simply a companion dog.

Competing Generally, only pedigree dogs are allowed to compete in most dog shows. If you're interested in participating in these types of events, you may choose to consider a pedigree over a non-pedigree dog.

Rescue or Pedigree, whichever you decide to choose. We hope that you make the best of friends!

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