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The Importance of Bladder Strength and Kidney Function

A little about us

At PET CARE Sciences, the importance of the health and wellbeing of your pet is at the core of our brand.

That's why we know only high quality, safe, naturally derived and effective pet supplement products will do. We stake our reputation on it!

An effective formula from a reputable brand. We are an ethical and socially responsible company. Our products are produced from locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and are free from all animal cruelty.

Accept no substitutes, our range of products are all made in the USA with care and pride. Only the highest standards for you and your pet.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, Bladder Strength and Kidney Function from PET CARE Sciences is a naturally derived formula that you can take great confidence in.

The importance of a healthy bladder

Incontinence, kidney difficulties, weak bladder control, canine incontinence and urinary tract infections are some of the most frustrating health issues for dog owners. These issues often lead dogs to experience irritation, discomfort and pain, which can negatively influence quality of life for both dogs and owners.

Providing your adult, senior or spayed female dog with this advanced quality product will help safely manage their bladder strength and kidney function whilst positively influencing their overall wellbeing. The chews are also a delicious chicken flavor, that your dog will love! Get yours here

Key Ingredients

PET CARE Sciences Bladder Strength and Kidney Function chews contain:


Cranberry decreases bacterial growth and adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract, meaning it is very effective for urinary problems in dogs and greatly assists with the treatment of UTI problems. Our product formula includes Cranberry and other ingredients to effectively target urinary tract infections and problems that are common in many breeds of dogs.

Organic Marshmallow Root

Decreases bacteria growth and reduces inflammation.

Organic Astragalus Powder

Stimulates the immune system.

Organic Liquorice Powder

Decreases bacterial growth and reduces inflammation.

Nettle Seed Powder

Reduces inflammation.

At PET CARE Sciences the importance of the health and wellbeing of your pet is at the core of our brand.

PET CARE Sciences… Your Pets, Our Science

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