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Bad Reviews - How PET CARE Sciences see it...

From time to time we get a review that says something along the line of  “Our dog died…”. This is the worse news any owner could have and we as pet lovers, hate to hear.

When a customer posts such a review our thoughts are three fold,

1, sympathy

2, did our product cause this ?

3, is this a competitor trying to damage our reputation ?


When a customer reads this post they understandably think

1, The product caused this and is to blame

2, Sympathy

3, Lets find another product

You can expect us to investigate any claim that out product caused the demise of a beloved pet. But out of the tens of thousands of customers only a handful have posted such reviews - but without saying that our product directly caused the death. So no pet has ever died as a result of taking our products.

Often supplements are purchased for elderly or sick animals. During the course of taking the products the animal sadly passes away, this happens.

The pet cannot be brought back, but in such times of grief the owner may want the world to know of their pain and posts such news and the way it is written does not point to cause.

When Amazon see such a review

Amazon have a similar approach to the customer that sees the bad review

1, The product possibly caused this and could be to blame

2, Immediately remove the product from sale whilst investigation takes place

We can’t blame Amazon for protecting their customers but it is a “guilty until proven innocent” scenario for PET CARE Sciences. We work with Amazon to prove that the product does not cause the demise of any animal and investigate possible nefarious competitor activity.

Once Amazon are satisfied then the product is brought back online (and always is).

The review itself stays as “Our dog died…” as it is the truth and honest, it just doesn’t say that our product caused it but it gives that impression. The only thing we can do is hope that other customers see the overwhelming positive product reviews.

You can trust us (and Amazon) that none of our products would be in circulation if any harm could come to your animal.

We highly recommend that you seek the advice from a Veterinarian for any sick animal.

As always we welcome your questions and feedback, we want to hear from you.


PET CARE Sciences

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